Happy Haloween

Have fun kidds!=]

Ruffled skirts.

So i was checking out the new doll:Vampire.And i noticed that her ruffled skirt was almost the same as Uma Thurman's.Then i went to Uma's doll and i compared the both.They are almost alike except that Vampire's skirt is bigger/puffier.Take a look.Btw HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!!


Are these familiar?

Are these two dresses familiar or am i just dreaming?
But the one displayed on me is much cheeper.It costs $7.
The hotbuys on costs $10.

New store alert:Decades!

Yes.There is a new frikkin' store.Decades.I like it because it looks vintage and retro.HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?


Huh?New owner!

So i was talking to my buddies club Animal-Lovers and one of them mentioned that the club had a new owner!So i was curoius and i wnet to the front page and it was true new frikking owner!!!!!!Here you see a picture of it.Btw:Im boreed......So add meh if ya want.<3


New banner!

Ya like?I hope you do.It only took about 2 minutes to make.Sooo if you want a custom banner just tell me.=]

Omg!My nose

Where the fuck is my nose?????Am i the only one w/ this problem?On the right you see a pic of it.Hope you enjoy being nose-less.



So i was surfin' stardoll.And i went to Ellie's page.And i saw this:Her awsome skills in designing.And duh!!She used StarInterior.Ellie,I love ur cushions and frame.

Free Superstar.

No this is not a scam.Yep.It's hard to believe but it's still true.So just take a minute or two to read this. Theres a website called cashmybux. You earn money by watching ads. Thats not so hard to belive right? Then you can create a paypal account and transfer the money to you paypal account! And guess what? With a paypal account you can buy stardollars! This is 100% true!

If you want to join go to this link:Cashmybux.com

Btw i got part of this article from Paper Doll Life just to inform you.BTW visit Paper Doll Life it's a great blog about stardoll!


I bearly had changed me me-doll.ANd look what showed up!Green hair!I had brown hair!And yes i do own a bottle of green hair dye.But i never put it on.



Finally,You can design your own furniture!Click here to visit it:StarInterior!
I am soo happy.Stardoll just keeps on getting better && better!Am i right?Ohh && btw the green rolll of cloth is my curtains.And the black one is my couch!=]


I bet u didn't know this.

There's 13 hairstyles!not 12.check it out!
Its by these hair styles.



Im a cat!And it only costs 11SD for everything!But its only for superstars.Sorry non-superstars!=[

New hairstyles!!!!

Haven't you seen?They are the bomb!!!!!!!!I screamed of excitment when i saw them!Heres a pic if u havent yet seen them.I got the pic from Stardoll News Flash



Yeah there's a new shop in town.....And it's called PINK FOR OCTOBERAbove there's a picture of it.=]]


Cottage cheese?Eww!

So i was talking to people on club AnimalLovers and i came across this!I was discusted when i saw this.Like really?Nobody wants to see this!!!!!And they refer to celulite as cottage cheese!Wtf?Im sure nobody wants to see this!Well anyways here's a pic of it.=[


At last!

Finally,I got 1,250 starpoints!I also got the awsome hair i've been waiting for.My next goal is to get the 2,000 starpoint hair (Sephora hair).Here's a pic of my new hair.<3


Top 10 Trends For Fall

So today i was surfing the magazine and i came across this.And i wrote what i tought about them.I mostly like all of them but some......were......EWW!


New clothing in Starplaza!

Yes!!First one to inform u!!!!!!!Check it out!Sorry 4 not putting my banner on!I was in a rush!

Did ya read my broadcast?

Well did ya?I was like sooo excited when i saw!!!!I screamed!Well here's a pic of it!Omg that rhymes!lol


New banner!

Yep.I made a new banner.Not sooo good but its just for right now till i make my new one!I tried to make it fit into the hollywood/fashion theme.I got the backround off of Photobucket.com and the hair from I-dressup.com!So credit to I-dessup and to Photobucket!=]
Sooo do ya like it?=l


Superstar opinion.

Well like 1 day ago i logged in,checked my messages and i came across this!Stardoll wants a superstar opinion.So i didnt write any negative stuff.Everything i wrote was positive like:I love evrything about stardoll,I love the clubs,ect.You can see a pic of it here.

Whats up with the covergirl?

OK so today is October 11.So far we haven't been having great cover girls.Especially this one!Are you kidding me?No pants on! STARDOLL NEEDS TO START PICKING WAY BETTER COVERGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What happend 2 the Chanel belt

Wtf?It had the Chanel logo on it.Now it has an O.And then i bought a "Chanel No 6" for $6 and it didn't show up.Wth!

Im bored.

Indeed i am.So add me.I accept all.

New Blog.

As this being a new blog I shall tell you about the new club about it:
Click here to join.

And wish me luck cause i'm new to this blog thing.=l