New Look

I have just updated the blog with a new and stylish look.As always,i used the same program,Adobe Photoshop 6.0 with a tiny help of Paint.I hope it has a more stylish and welcoming feel.And if you want a blog banner just contact me and tell me how you want it and i'll make it!=)


New Elle Collection

I love it,even though some things might look alot like the last collection.My favprite things are the Elle Love Tee,The Modern Moto Jkt.,The Extra Long Modern Blazer,and lastly the Modern Blazer.And don't think this article is over............


There's a doll to go with it!If you haven't noticed it is called Elle Spring '09.


March Hotbuys

To be honest,I am not very fond of March Hotbuys.I thought I was,'cause my birthday is in March,but I thought wrong.Stardoll,I have to say I have been very disappointed in February's and March's hotbuys.

Well what do you think?Do you love 'em or hate 'em?


Free Lipstick!

This is is Stardoll's Valentines gift to you,for superstars and non-superstars!So go get it!My guess is that it'll be available today and tomorrow!BTW,it's available in the StarPlaza!


New LE

Have you seen it?Have you bought it?NO?Well you better hurry along because there are only 5 things sold out!!!!!

My opinion:It rocks!My favorite thing is sold out(the heart leggings)but who cares,they'll probably restock later!!!!What's your opinion?


New Store alert:Little Pink Shop

Have you noticed?Stardoll has a new shop;the Little Pink Shop.I don't really care for this store nothing I like except the 2 teddy bears and the 1 monkey.What do you think?

Do you like this shop?


hello DKNY!

The new DKNY has arrived and i love it.Many may have seen it on the spoilers posted through out many blogs.I thought it was going to be crap,but i was wrong.What's you favorite clothing item?Mine is the one with the heart: