Kohl's is back!

Kohl's is back with 3 amazing brands.Britney Spears for Candie's,Abbey Dawn,and Mudd are all of the brands.Amazingly,all 3 are AGAIN for non-superstars and superstars.My favorite would have to be Britney Spears for Candie's.My least favorite would have to be Abbey Dawn.I never did like it,it's not my style.Here are some pictures.Take a look.

Nastilla - Our Italian Princess

As Much As I Wanted To Get An Interview With This Girl - I'm Afraid I Couldn't. She Is Away On Holiday And Will Be Back On The 11th August - So I'll Try Then.
Nastilla - Better Known As Princess Anastasia Is A Member Like No Other I've Seen.
She's Based Her Entire Suite Around The Theme Of Royalty. In A Way, She Kind Of Reminds Me Of Marie Antoinette, Except An Italian Version.

The Outfits That This Girl Can Create Are Amazing! Here's One Of The Outfits Featured On Her Presentation. I Picked It Because The Gray Makes Her Look Like A Winter Princess And It Was Personally My Favourite.

And Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better, You've Not Seen Her Album! Its Beautiful, Unique And Very Elegant.
Take A Look At The Cover.

I Love It When People Base Their Entire Suites Around One Theme - Like Bella_La_Swan, Who's Suite Is Based Around Twilight.

~ Katie xo

Wake Up Your Makeup!

Haiii Stardolls.
Here Are 2 Girls I Discovered Via The Broadcasting System Who Have Amazing Makeup.

Girl One: dream.on

Wow - Look At The Rainbow In Her Eyes!
The Eyeshadow Must Have Taken Ages To Apply!
I Love The Bow In Her Hair, And Her Dress Is Amazing!

Girl Two: Raw.

I Love The Shocking Pink Eyeshadow Mixed With White.
And The Liquid Eyeliner Makes Her Eyes Stand Out.
Her Outfit Is, Well I'll Describe It In One Word - Unique!

So Who's Makeup Is Better?
Every Vote Counts.

~ Katie xo


Free HotBuy Shoes

Another glitch.So hurry and go get them.I already did,So now it's your turn.What are you waiting for?!


New Banner

I just posted to inform ya guys that i made a new banner.Thanks Katie for making your banner which made me make mine....ha ha.

Well hopefully Stardoll will have MUCH MORE gossip this upcoming month.
Well have a happy evening.

How To Wear...HB's

Hello Stardolls,
Heres A Little Post On How To Wear The Latest HB's. Enjoy!

Outfit One - The Jumpsuit

Okay - It Is $10 (A Bit Pricey) But Think Of The Profit You'd Make If You Sold It In A Years Time!
I Teamed It Up With The New Elle - The Belt Cost Me $5 And The Shoes $9.
Total Cost - $24

Outfit Two - The Dress

Why Did I Add Them Spotty Tights? Well, Why Not? It Creates Quite A Good Contrast I Think Thats Why I Added A Simple Pair Of Black Heels.
The Tights Are $6 At Bisou And The Shoes Are From Vivienne Tam At $8.
Total Cost - $22

~ Katie xo

Long Time No Post!

Hello Stardollians.
Sorry For The Lack Of Posts - My Laptop Had To Get Repaired And I've Lost Everything (Hence The New Banner).
Well - I Will Be Posting As Much As Possible...Probably Not Everyday Since It Is The Summer Holidays And That There Isn't Much Gossip Going Around Stardoll. We Need More!
But Not That Fake Fighting That Stardoll's Do For Attention - Thats Just Pathetic!
Thats All For The Meantime x

~ Katie xo


Monthly Sale

Just thought I'd inform ya.The Monthly Sale is going on!
Oh and Elle(spring collection) is also on sale....well some of the things are on sale.
So waste your money on the monthly sale!!!
I was too lazy to put my banner up.....sorry:]


August Hotbuys Review

Here is my review for August Hotbuys.Hope you like :].
1.Hotbuys Sunglasses: Cute,I like them.I like sparkly things.But oversized is kinda old but oh well i have tons of oversized sunglasses. 7/10

2.Hotbuys Jacket: I hate denim jackets they are just not my style.But on the other hand i adore purple....my braces are purple. 5/10

3.Hotbuys Earrings: They,honestly,are the best thing on here.I like 'em.I will buy them for sure. 9/10

4.Hotbuys Overall Shorts:Uhhh..they just might be my least favorite thing this month besides my "."haha.They remind me of the Old Western times. 4/10

5.Hotbuys Sweater: It's cute.But a bit too oversized......in a way it reminds me of the '80's.It would go great with black skinnies. 8/10

6.Hotbuys Top:Again,very Laura Ingalls.Not and never will be my style.2/10

7.Hotbuys Skirt:Forget the earrings,this is now the best thing on here.But uhh i dont like the plastic look to it(the shiny feature on it).10/10

8.Hotbuys Purse: I sure do love cupcakes....but not a cupcake purse.6/10

9.Hotbuys Knee Socks: I love knee socks!I always pair them up with plaid skirts!But not in this case....too green.3.5/10

10.Hotbuys Shoes: I like them.They would go great with the Hotbuy skirt.8/10


What to wear?

I decided to include this weekly post called What to wear.This blog needs more fashion.So i am dedicating about 15 minutes of my time,every week,for this post.(:This week i decided the outfit should have like a summery kind of feel.Oh,yes, i almost forgot.Every week the spending limit will be up to $50.This week i came under budget with $34 (not including the make up).

So this is my outfit:

What were $34 spent on?

1.Hotbuys bodysuit $10(Rio Chicas)

2.Orange crush bubble shorts $6(Elle)

3.Orange crush sandals $6(Elle)

4.Chain handle tribal purse $12(Elle)


New Hair + more

Okay,so you guys may have noticed,but there is 6 new hairs(really cute) and a new Elle clothing line (very cute as well).

I have no time what so ever to post pictures up,so i will do that later.



6 New hair styles:
New Elle:


Street Chic Party

Haiii Stardolls,
After The Success Of Me Birthday Party,
I Have Decided To Through Another Party This Saturday...
The Theme Is "Street Chic". I Created It Myself :)
Basically You Dress In Street Clothes But Add In A Touch Of Chic

*Prize For Best Dressed*

~ xBullets-Lovex

We're Changing

Hello Stardollians x
Well, Me And Carina Have Been Talking About Ways To Make The Blog Better.
We're Aiming To Have A Party Once We Have 50 Followers!
We Have A Few Other Idea's, But They're Not Definite Yet.

Do You Have Any Suggestions?
Then Click Here Or Here To Tell Us x

~ xBullets-Lovex


Party Time!

Well Stardolls - Tomorrow Is My Birthday.
And I've Decided To Through A Party.
I Was Unsure If I Should've Had A Bastille Bash Or A Birthday Soiree But After A Long Time Thinking, I Decided For A Birthday Party!

If Your Having Difficulty Trying To Find Out The Time In Your Country - Click Here

Hope To See You There,x

*Best Dressed Wins A Prize*

Two Hot To Trot!

Yupp Stardolls, Thats Right!
Two Looks That Are Too Hot To Trot (Thats What The Titles All About)
I Was Bored In The Starplaza And Started To Mess About Creating Looks Then I Thought "Hey, That Isn't That Bad" So I Decided To Screenshot Them And Voila! The Finished Looks Are Below.

Comment And Tell Us At Omg! Its Stardoll Gossip! What You Think And Whats Your Favourite.



Hannah Montana Freebies!

Haii Stardolls,
Well This Is My First Proper Post For Omg!Its Stardoll Gossip!
I'm Sorry About The Delay - I Was Away On Holiday For 2 Weeks.
Anyways - Back To The Meaning Of This Post.

Stardoll Are Giving Away Free Hannah Montana Items!
All You Have To Do Is Join The Club "Hannah Montana" Then Voila - You Get A Free Golden Jacket.
But The Best Thing Is Every Two Weeks You'll Get Another Item Of Clothing!

And The Clothes Aren't Actually That Bad - Compared To Some Of The Other Gifts.

Thats All,

Hey people.I actually tried going to this club but it said it wasn't available.So Katie if it were possible can you put the link up?

~ Update ~
Sure Carina.
Click Here If You Want To Be Directed To The Club
Enjoy Stardolls x


New Layout and Blog Banner

Do you like our brand new blog banner^^^^^?I made it using paint and an online photo editing program(it's my secret to getting this banner good lookin').
I'll make myself and Katie(xBullets-Lovex)a new banner too,but maybe later.
P.S. I will make another blog banner later so it can match the layout.I am kind of in a rush.

My opinion

As you all may know Michael Jackson died on June 25,2009.But what you don't know is my opinion.Most of the channels on television are always talking about MJ and that really bothers me,it's not that i didn't like him,it's just that EVERYONE needs to STOP TALKING ABOUT MJ!
You guys just need to let him rest in peace without any worries.I think because of all of this crap people say that Michael's ghost is appearing.You guys don't say anything about Billy Mays or Farrah Fawcett,so why about MJ?Please do me this favor and let him rest in peace.
And please respect my opinion and don't write dumb,absurd,and stupid comments.If you do, than I won't respect your opinion.


Bigger plans.

Hey guys and gals.If I haven't been posting as much as I said it's because something TOTALLY unexpected happened.My neighbor died,he was like my big brother,I've known him my whole life.)*:
Well,I was planning on starting my own clothing line!As i said before,when i came back from my month long vacation off of Stardoll and Blogger,I said i had bigger plans in mind.I will entirely design the clothing by myself,i will not need help.BUT,one thing i do need help on is choosing the name.
So,readers,i need your help on choosing a unique name for my clothing line!
Best name will get an 80% discount on not only 1 but 2 of my pieces that i designed!