Happy Halloween!

Hey readers! I just came by to wish you all a happy Halloween whether you celebrate it or not. I am celebrating it. I am going trick or treating. :)

Well hope you enjoy this graphic i made especially for you. :D



I need your help!

I am going to be making a new blog banner but I just don't know what theme it should be and what it should have. So i'm letting the readers decide and give ideas! Please comment your ideas and the best idea will win a prize!
Please tell you ideas. :)


Stardoll = Greedy

As you may have noticed or heard the one stardollar/day campaign is over! But why?? I mean come on Stardoll! It's just one stardollar per person and about 1/2 of the Stardollian community NEVER logs on! I bet if you look up greed in the dictionary a picture of Stardoll will show up! Think about the non-superstar community! How will they get daily money that doesn't last for 10 hours? I think that Stardoll is just doing this so non-superstars will become superstars!

Well it's actually good to hear that a few stardolls are taking action! Take a look at this blog
Click here. And also take a look at this graphicSpread the word! Let stardoll know that we want out 1sd back!


Pick of the week.

Remember how I said I will add more features to the blog? Well I wasn't lying! :)
This is our new feature that will be posted weekly called Pick of the Week!

Our first pick of the week is this gorgeous[not so affordable] dress. This Shaggy Sweater Dress is from Tingeling Halloween Couture. As you can see it costs $38. It's not very affordable but it's cute, if people buy a $200 dress from LE then I'm pretty sure they'll buy this dress. I even took sometime to put some makeup to give it a more runway feel.
And in this next picture I added red accessories! Red goes great with black. Infact, my favorite colors are Blood Red and Black. On the hands, i put red gloves from Bisou called Lady Gaga Gloves. On the feet, i added Red Carpet Style high heels Inspired By Versus. The way you can find these shoes is search for red shoes.

So how do you like it?? Comment please!



Happy First Birthday!!

Happy first birthday......that was 13 days ago!Ha ha. I'm SO late!! I had just looked at my calendar when I saw that it had been marked on October 10! Well it's been one year and 13 days that this wonderful Stardoll blog was started...by me!! I've had my ups and downs with this blog but i don't care i still love it!!Happy first birthday, Omg!It's Stardoll Gossip!
And in addition i will add more features to the blog. I will feature more Stardoll members and things of that sort!!
[PS are you lovin' the banner??]

Red and Round and Sweet

*no banner*

Do you like cherries?

Do you like Clothes?

What about cherries ON clothes!?

My new design I have made is cherri-tastic have a look:

Since the actual dress is $14 I am selling them for $15...just to bring me $1 profit! You can have them any colour you want or even if you don't want it on a dress just ask. But they will alwasy be $1 dearer to get me a little bit of profit!

Even if you don't want to buy them, please just say below in comments what you think of them!!!

Zoe xoxo

P.S They are not on sale yet, you need to order first! XD


A Spooky Comp!

What is your character for Stardoll Halloween 09? A vampire? A werewolf? Or a happy but scary clown? (lol dramatic difference!)

Me? What is mio dressing up as....Have a look for youself:

Yes, I know a cat, not so scary like huh? Well my cat could be an alien cat who desides that fish and milk are disgusting and that humans shouldn't drink or eat milk and fish and to take it all and zap it with it's laser eyes and in the meantime realise it's already in the humans bodies and with it's mish or filk detector it kills ALL HUMANS! (apart from vegans...who don't eat fish or drink milk.) And then it takes over the world with it's vegan slaves who are forced to wear last seasons DKNY, which is SOOOOOO last year! (lol)

Lol Maybe not...which brings me to my IDEA!

This halloween I have decided to launch a comp, it's a story comp to do with your character that you are dressing up as. All you have to do is write your Stardoll Username below in the comments and say what your charcter will be then email purple.roses.mag@gmail.com (yes I know weird email but) with your story, blogger username and what blog you entered this comp from.

It can be as long as you want but it has to be funny and have at least 2 other charcters apart from you. The prize is your story up on the blog AND a mention in my new coming magazine XOXO. (more about that in the next post!)

Please have fun...

Zoe xoxo


Free Amy Diamond Clothes...Not :(

As most have you have probably heard about there was some free clothes offers going around saying there should be some Amy Diamond stuff due to her new album coming out.

But being Stardoll, to help Amy out they are only giving the clothes to people who have actually bought the album, since there is a code on it...somewhere...that you enter into stardoll and WA-LA you have the clothes...So sadly the clothes are univailable for the people who don't buy the CD...for now anyhoo!

Keep your eyes peeled if you want the clothes becasue I am sure that someone will leak the code and we will all have our Diamond clothes (I wish!!!)

If I get my hands on the code I will be sure to tell you :)

Happy Looking!!!

Zoe xoxo


Coming To Stardoll!

*Thanks The Stardoll Life for the picture*

Coming to Stardoll Soon!

I like the belt on the purple shirt and you could do alot with the dungarees!

What do you think about them?


Take A Break, Have A Kit Kat

[Need To Update Banner]

Haii Stardolls.
Sorry For The Lack Of Posts - Stardoll Has Been Really Boring.
I Just Wanted To Say I'll Be Taking A Break From Stardoll Blogging To Work On My New Blog Based On Fashion.
When I Come Back (Just After Halloween) I'll Still Write For O!I.S.G, And Have My Banner Updated.
Have A Nice Few Weeks,

Until Next Time,
Katie x

GLOW Magazine!

GLOW Magazine!

One of the best Album Mag's there is. For an album ForgottenHope has done a fabulous job and I am very impressed.

Glow's Autumn issue has just been released making this the 4th issue so far. If you want to see it for yourself click here.

Zoe xoxo


New blog banner + more

Hey guys!! Long time no post!

Well anyways you may have noticed that I updated the blog banner and my banner aswell.
I gave my banner a Halloweenish feel. I made my doll a vampire. You can see her red eyes and bloody fangs and the text is kind of creepy!Hehe. Hope ya like it.
And the blog banner i gave it a kind of modern artistic feel. Do ya like it?Well maybe later in the month i will update it again and give it a Halloweenish feel like my banner!!
Now lets get to the "+ more" part. I want to share with you guys something. Im going to be a either a lady bug or a pirate for Halloween. What are you going to be? I love Halloween because you can dress up and i LOVE the candy!!I mean who doesn't like free candy.Haha :)
Well that's it....until next time!!


'HB Bat Pants' Are Coming!!!


Now we all like Hotbuys right? Well I thought that I would 'remind' you that day before when the next Hotbuy is coming out! So Tomorrow are the pink bat Hotpants from 'Evil Panda'

*Click to enlarge*

I will make a poll of all the people who are wearing these pants and put it up on here, but remember you must tell me your Username either in Comments or in my GB (Click here)

Enjoy wearing your new pants...(lol...)

Zoe xoxo

I was having a chat with someone and they hadn't been on for a while, so to see if they'd got my message and posted something and weirdly it repeated. My first insticts were that maybe they were trying to be funny, be copying everything I said...but the reply's were so fast, I guessed that it couldn't be them, it had to be one of Stardoll's very unusual glitches...unless they were super-natural... :S

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Not only does it copy, but I don't think the person got my messages...which worries me because they were important. Oh Well!

Zoe xoxo


Stalkers on Stardoll?

If you've been on my page lately you may have seen a person by the nickname of CoryBling. He most likely a SHE has been bothering me saying "I love you pretty" ect in my gb. It [reffering to Corybling] has been friend requesting me saying I love you or Date me or stuff of that sort and it's getting annoying. And this person made a new page called NiegierBling [sounds racist huh.] and is stalking me even more! And I reccomend that whoever is involved in this step up and tell me or stop this nonsense!!!!!!!
And if you think this person is me well you've guessed wrong! And whoever is doing this well all i have to say is you are messing with the wrong girl!
Sorry if i sound mad/annoyed because i am.