This Could Be Our Fairytale

(No Banner, New Laptop)

Haiii Stardollians,
I Apologize For My Lack Of Posting, I Have My Reasons -
1. I've Been Settling Into School
2. My Laptop Broke And I Had To Get A New One.
So I'll Try And Get My Banner Back A.S.AP.

Back To The Meaning Of This Post, I've Discovered A Song.
It's Called Beasts And Is By A Band Called Slow Moving Millie.
If Your From The United Kingdom, This Song Is Featured In The Virgin Media Advert.
Since I Love This Song Soo Much, I Decided To Make A Video With The Lyrics (As Shown Below)

One Of The Lines In It Says "I Could Be The Alice To Your Wonderland"
Have Any Of You Read That Book? It's Seriously Messed Up, But I Love It!
Lewis Carrol Must Have Been High When He Wrote It - I Mean Who Eats Mushrooms To Make Them Grow Taller And Smaller? And Who Chops Peoples Heads Off Just For Eating One Of Their Tarts?
It's My Favourite Book Cos It's So Confuesing And Random - Like Myself :)
Anyway, I Just Thought I'd Share My Feelings With Y'all.

Have A Nice Evening,
Katie xo


It's been a while

It's been quite a while since i've posted with any real gossip. With school and "The Great Gossip Depression" (that's what I call these gossip-less times) I either can't post or there's NOTHING to post about. So I am begging anyone who is reading this to make gossip. Just do it for all of the Stardoll blog's sake.
Also I am looking for any expeirenced writer (the requirements are posted below). I have been thinking, why not pay my writers? So as soon as I get a new writer I will start paying my writers in gifts. I will give 3-5 gifts per writer.
*Post atleast 3 times a week
*You must know how to print screen
*You must be clear/specific on any post you post
&& most importantly
*You have to be an expierenced writer
if not then we'll work things out.


Sorry readers

Hey readers.Im REALLY sorry about the lack of posts.With school and everything me and Katie can't do it alone.So i am looking for a writer.Tell me in my guest book if you want to be one.
Again, im REALLY sorry. I can't handle school,Stardoll,and blogging at the same time.So please if you are willing to help a friend out then i am more than welcome to hire you.
Well,maybe my next post will be in about a week (hopefully not).And maybe there might just be some gossip.Well, until next time!
(Sorry for no banner)


Sorry Followers x

I'm Really, REALLY Sorry For The Lack Of Posts.
I've Been Trying To Make The Most Of Summer As My School Goes Back In 2 Days!
So I Wont Be Writing Many Posts Until I've Settled Back Into My School Routine.
Sorry For Any Inconvenience,
Katie xo


Juicy gossip.

Go here:
Juicy Gossip
Finally something worth reading.


Same Old, Same Old.

Haii Stardollians!
How Boring Is Stardoll These Days?
There Is Actually Nothing To Write About!
Stardoll, Please Get More Exiting And Release Miss Sixty A.S.A.P!
So To Keep You Entertained On The Wait For Stardoll To Improve,
I Recommend Reading The Diary Of A Crush Series By Sarra Manning.
They Are Brill =]! Not Suitable For Readers Under 12 Though.

Gotta Go, Thunder And Lightning! Might Get Cut Off Any Minute!
Have A Nice Evening x

~ Katie xo



Is getting boring.