The Gossip Strike

To be honest, and I think you will agree, Stardoll has lost it's Gossip 'Spark!' It's flat, completely flat!

All the gossip blogs are struggling for a good post, something JUICY to bite your teeth into...but nothing. It's really boring, there is nothing to sit down and want to read more of and bitch about to anyone.

There are no fights, no secrets, no fun in the gossip side of Stardoll!!! So I am going to plead,


But then we could always go back to lying about 'famous' elites...?

...kill me now!


Stardoll is officially boring.

It is true. If anyone thinks Stardoll is fun I'd strongly have to disagree. No more gossip, no more cute clothes, no more nothing. It's just a waste of time and money so.... i may just cancel my superstar membership and instead of wasting about $6 i can go out to Forever 21 and buy a cute 'Fabulous Finds' top. Who knows I may even quit Stardoll in the next 2-3 months.
I may even have to close this blog down due to the lack of "gossip".


Just Thought I'd Share.

Well it all started today at school. There was many news crews by our school and i wondered to myself "What's going on?" At lunch i asked one of the noon duties ( those ladies that take care of us when we are outside) "why are there so many news crews?" and she replied with thee most creepiest answers "Oh they found a human hand on campus" I was VERY shocked. Our community is a nice and quiet place. Well as we speak the investigators are looking for a body.
Well just thought I'd share. And yes I am still freaked out even though I'm not at school as we speak.


New Kohls etc...

Haii My Darlings!
So Sorry For The Lack Of Postage.
For Starters - I've Studying For A Really Important Maths Test Which Is This Friday.
It Decides What Level And Section I'll Be In Next Year, So It's Mega Important.
Sorry For The "Life Story" Here, I Just Feel Bad About Hardly Posting.

Anyhoo, Back To The Meaning Of This Post.
New Kohls, Much?
Yes, You Probably Have Seen This Featured In Many Stardoll Blogs - But I Couldn't Resist!
Kohls Just Keeps Getting Better And Better!
So Here Are My Top Buys...

1 - Foiled Skull Top Abbey Dawn

I Just Love It! When I First Seen It, I Thought It Was New Antidote.

2. Zebra Burnout Top Abbey Dawn

Team Up With A Pair Of Tights And Some Black Heels And You've Got One Hot Look!

3. Logo Hobo Bag Candies

Omg, I Want It! At Only $6, Its A True Bargain. Buy It Before It Goes Girls!

Moving Swiftly On, Who's Lovin' The Space Theme?
I Know I Am! You Get Can Get David Bowie, Michael Jackson And Jane Fonda's Style, Who All Inspire Me. I'm Totally Loving The Ziggy Stardust Space Suit.
Pure Classic!

Thats All,
Katie xo

A Bit of MAD Gossip...

Mad you may think but to me and my friend Ms.Brigitte this is business.

Stardoll's First Ever Gastronomy Magazine is going to be released in October...

Yes you heard me right...Gastronomy, The definition is: culinary customs or style. But basically it's a Food Magazine...Yes I did say FOOD!

It was a mad idea BUT it's going to be a revolution. I'm sure after this crazy but cute idea will launch others will follow!

Here is our spoiler:

Click here for the official magazine and here for the blog!
Zoe xoxo

Who's the New Writer???


I am.

My names Zoe, but if you can't remember call me Z or even by my nickname, Theshinystar, I don't really mind :)

I hope that my writing on this blog is fun and new and that you enjoy to read. I don't want to bore you with any nonsense so if I do...please say!!!

Thank you!!!

Zoe xoxo