Non superstar fall outfit

So, the outfit i chose is nothing special. Just a mix of taupe and black with a burst of teal. I'm not very fond of this outfit, but hey it's the one i thought was the best. You can mix and match any of these items to your personal style. So let's take a look at the outfit.*So, i chose a taupe/sand colored shirt to pop against the dark colors of the blazer and pants, its not making much of a pop like bright colors would, but a neutral pop, and that's what i was kind of aiming for. During the summer, we would wear bright colors, where as in the fall i would say we would try aiming for deep reds, purples, teals, greys, and maybe golds.
The boots are maybe a shade darker than the loose fitting shirt, but normally i wouldn't be too matchy, the only reason i chose these were because they had studs. As i said before in my last post, i think studs look edgy but cute, not only in fall but in all seasons.
To add a burst of color, i added this teal scarf that has what may be sequins, but not alot. I think that sequins are in right now because of the holidays. Not only is it cute but warm.
You can also add a beret to keep your head warm and stylish. I would choose any color, depending on your mood, like if you want more bursts' of color or if you want to stay neutral, your choice.Now, lets take a look at the affordable prices all $6 and under!
Plush Scarf, Stardoll- $5
Boyfriend Jacket, Stardoll- $4
Tw Rip Fayefinnlucas Tee, Mortal Kiss- $6
Poppy's Chill Booties, Mortal Kiss- $5
Skinny Basic Pants, Bisou- $5
* I am not saying you have to buy any of these items nor you can't buy any. I'm just giving you suggestions. And i would wear this outfit, but it's one of those outfits i wouldn't wear alot, because of the matchy matchy colors.


Fall oufit for superstars

Hey there! So this past week I've been looking for a superstar fall outfit. Of course, next week I'll be doing a non-superstar fall outfit.
What i think makes this outfit stand out are the gray sequins and gold studs and somewhat the black leather boots. Take the gold button jacket off and you have a night time look and pair it with a cute black clutch with studs to bring the studs back out. For the daytime, keep the jacket on and pair it with a cute black tote with gold fixtures.

As i previously said, you can wear this during the daytime, the jacket makes it more casual. And, as i said before too, when you take the jacket off, you can wear it during the night. Most items are from Bisou, except for the Sequin top which is from Rio and is non superstar! So these are the inexpensive prices, all under $10.

Gold Button Jacket, Bisou- $10

Silver Sequined Sweater, Rio- $7

Navy Skinny Trousers, Bisou- $7

Knee High Boots, Bisou- $7

Now, I'm not saying you absolutely have to buy these things, I'm just making a suggestion on what i think is a pretty cute outfit for fall. You may think this is a hideous outfit , and that's your opinion, and im sorry i'll try to make a better outift next time. So, please don't judge my outfit.


It's been a while

Hey guys! I know, i know, it's been a while since I've posted and kept you guys informed. I haven't really had time since i joined sports and dealing with school. And to be honest, Stardoll kind of got boring but, I'm doing my best to at least log in once a week or more. I'm not making any promises but I'll post more often..if i remember, that is. Possibly once or twice a week.
I don't know, but as i grow up Stardoll is kind of loosing my interest. And as i previously said, i don't really have time. I miss the old Stardoll and i miss when people were nice/talkative because now when i send someone a message, they either don't reply or log off.
But as I said before, I'll try to post as much as possible and log onto Stardoll more often...just like the old times. (:
Haha thanks.
P.S. I've missed you guys soo much♥


Different Magazine Release Party

D (Different) Magazine which is BACK...with it's second issue and, of course, a party to go with!
It's starts at 7.00pm - Middle Eastern Europe (Stockholm) = 6.00pm GMT and you must dress up inspried by old Hollywood Glamour (Like Marilyn Monroe)

I won't be able to make it. Will you be going?



Hey readers!I thought it would be awesome to change the blog banner and mine, as well. Give me your opinions by commenting. :D
Hope ya like 'em!


Holiday Calender

Hey you guys just dropped by to inform you all [that didn't know] about the holiday calendar. It's been going on for a couple of days now.

But here's the link

Carina/ ..Pretty.