Fall oufit for superstars

Hey there! So this past week I've been looking for a superstar fall outfit. Of course, next week I'll be doing a non-superstar fall outfit.
What i think makes this outfit stand out are the gray sequins and gold studs and somewhat the black leather boots. Take the gold button jacket off and you have a night time look and pair it with a cute black clutch with studs to bring the studs back out. For the daytime, keep the jacket on and pair it with a cute black tote with gold fixtures.

As i previously said, you can wear this during the daytime, the jacket makes it more casual. And, as i said before too, when you take the jacket off, you can wear it during the night. Most items are from Bisou, except for the Sequin top which is from Rio and is non superstar! So these are the inexpensive prices, all under $10.

Gold Button Jacket, Bisou- $10

Silver Sequined Sweater, Rio- $7

Navy Skinny Trousers, Bisou- $7

Knee High Boots, Bisou- $7

Now, I'm not saying you absolutely have to buy these things, I'm just making a suggestion on what i think is a pretty cute outfit for fall. You may think this is a hideous outfit , and that's your opinion, and im sorry i'll try to make a better outift next time. So, please don't judge my outfit.