It's been a while

It's been quite a while since i've posted with any real gossip. With school and "The Great Gossip Depression" (that's what I call these gossip-less times) I either can't post or there's NOTHING to post about. So I am begging anyone who is reading this to make gossip. Just do it for all of the Stardoll blog's sake.
Also I am looking for any expeirenced writer (the requirements are posted below). I have been thinking, why not pay my writers? So as soon as I get a new writer I will start paying my writers in gifts. I will give 3-5 gifts per writer.
*Post atleast 3 times a week
*You must know how to print screen
*You must be clear/specific on any post you post
&& most importantly
*You have to be an expierenced writer
if not then we'll work things out.


Zoe-Chic said...

Hiya, I could be good for the job. I am a gossip writer (I have my one blog) I've written for some mags and am making one now. I'd write a much as I could! And I'm nice to work with....lol! My Stardoll nickname's Theshinystar. If I'm alright contact me please :)