August Hotbuys Review

Here is my review for August Hotbuys.Hope you like :].
1.Hotbuys Sunglasses: Cute,I like them.I like sparkly things.But oversized is kinda old but oh well i have tons of oversized sunglasses. 7/10

2.Hotbuys Jacket: I hate denim jackets they are just not my style.But on the other hand i adore purple....my braces are purple. 5/10

3.Hotbuys Earrings: They,honestly,are the best thing on here.I like 'em.I will buy them for sure. 9/10

4.Hotbuys Overall Shorts:Uhhh..they just might be my least favorite thing this month besides my "."haha.They remind me of the Old Western times. 4/10

5.Hotbuys Sweater: It's cute.But a bit too oversized......in a way it reminds me of the '80's.It would go great with black skinnies. 8/10

6.Hotbuys Top:Again,very Laura Ingalls.Not and never will be my style.2/10

7.Hotbuys Skirt:Forget the earrings,this is now the best thing on here.But uhh i dont like the plastic look to it(the shiny feature on it).10/10

8.Hotbuys Purse: I sure do love cupcakes....but not a cupcake purse.6/10

9.Hotbuys Knee Socks: I love knee socks!I always pair them up with plaid skirts!But not in this case....too green.3.5/10

10.Hotbuys Shoes: I like them.They would go great with the Hotbuy skirt.8/10