Bigger plans.

Hey guys and gals.If I haven't been posting as much as I said it's because something TOTALLY unexpected happened.My neighbor died,he was like my big brother,I've known him my whole life.)*:
Well,I was planning on starting my own clothing line!As i said before,when i came back from my month long vacation off of Stardoll and Blogger,I said i had bigger plans in mind.I will entirely design the clothing by myself,i will not need help.BUT,one thing i do need help on is choosing the name.
So,readers,i need your help on choosing a unique name for my clothing line!
Best name will get an 80% discount on not only 1 but 2 of my pieces that i designed!


Jenna said...

wat about poison?

..Pretty. said...

Thanks Jenna ^^^.
That would be a wonderful name.
I will consider using it.
But i do want more names.
And i have no idea what your stardoll user name is, so how can i sell you the designs when they are made?

cuici405 said...

please follow me im following your blog

Janet said...

My Stardoll user name is LittleLadyJ

..Pretty. said...

Thanks Janet.
I love the names,but you aren't a superstar.

xBullets-Lovex said...

Pretty Extraordinary?

Get It? Cos Your User Name Is Pretty.