My opinion

As you all may know Michael Jackson died on June 25,2009.But what you don't know is my opinion.Most of the channels on television are always talking about MJ and that really bothers me,it's not that i didn't like him,it's just that EVERYONE needs to STOP TALKING ABOUT MJ!
You guys just need to let him rest in peace without any worries.I think because of all of this crap people say that Michael's ghost is appearing.You guys don't say anything about Billy Mays or Farrah Fawcett,so why about MJ?Please do me this favor and let him rest in peace.
And please respect my opinion and don't write dumb,absurd,and stupid comments.If you do, than I won't respect your opinion.


Susannah123 said...

That's harsh.

..Pretty. said...

Why?Just because I want him to rest in peace?
I don't get why it's harsh in anyway.All i'm saying is for everyone to let him rest in peace.