New LE

Have you seen it?Have you bought it?NO?Well you better hurry along because there are only 5 things sold out!!!!!

My opinion:It rocks!My favorite thing is sold out(the heart leggings)but who cares,they'll probably restock later!!!!What's your opinion?


Britney said...

All I wanted was that damned heart clench and it wasn't even sold out, but they wouldn't let me buy it! I kept trying and trying and no!

Dealing with this LE is so stressful!


Anonymous said...

Originally I was planning to renew my superstar membership for the new LE...but to be honest I don't like the new LE collection that much. I mean the converse all star are the same one sold in starplaza for 4/5 sd....just because it changes the color they're supposed to be worth more than 100 sd?

The only cute thing is the bikini.


Mrs_Gomes said...

Arrrgh i'm so pissed at them..there are plenty of other sold out items but they haven't put a cross through em yet.