Random Post

I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head. Bees on my head but, don't call me a bee head. Bruce Lee's on my head, but don't call me a Lee head Now please excuse me I gots to get my tree fed.

You wear name brands and I make my own clothing. I hang out with an apple who loves self-loathing. [Apple:] (I hate myself) Pancake on my face makes me extra happy. I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy, 'Cause it's my show you can't tell me what to do. When life hands me lemons I make beef stew!

So, yo! I gotta go, It's time for me to rock it. I put bologna in my left pocket. Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket, 'Cause it's my show; I'm Andy Milonakis. It's my show; I'm Shmandy Shmiloshmakis. It's my show I'm Andy Milonakis.