Styling Studio is here!

Check it out!

It rocks,huh?Other users can actually dress you up like you can on dolls && games.I currently have not made one because I am saving up for the supposedly new LE coming out.And it really sucks that it is only for superstars.Sorry Non-superstars.If you save it it'll cost 8SD and will appear under your friend list.Great idea SD.

If you want to go to it then click here:



smarty_pants* said...

Hey how do you work the styling studio and what do you use it for??

..Pretty. said...

Well you put clothing on the clothing rack and if you want to on your medoll.Next,you choose a backround you want.Then your done.And you make it so other people can dress your doll up.It's like the dolls on Dolls & Games.

..Pretty. said...

I hope that explains your question.