April Hotbuys.

Hey guys I meant to post this yesterday but I was really busy!Well,anyways I am going to take the time to write a review of them because I haven't posted much as I used to.
Okay here goes nothing.

1.Hot buys Vest-April 2:In my opinion,there is nothing special about this vest.I am going to be clear on this,It will only go perfectly great with the right outfit.Right now,it is failing with the dress.

2.Hot buys Frock-April 6:Frolicking in the meadow?I know the perfect thing to wear!He he.It reminds me of a princess.I kind of like it,but not that much.If i were to rate it from 1-10(1=worse,10=marvelous)I'd give it a 6.5.

3.Hot buys Bow purse-April 9:Its cute,I guess.It would go great with the Hot buys Frock.I've never thought of bows on a purse,in fact I've never,actually,seen one.Its unique,like me,ha ha.=D

4.Hot buys Heart Skirt-April 15:Ugh,don't like it at all!It's ugly!

5.Hot buys Headband-April 16:UGLY,what else can i say?

6.Hot buys Necklace:Very minimalistic,and for that I adore it!It's my favorite thing in the whole pack!I will totally buy this.

7.Hot buys Tunic-April 21:Safety pins?Are you kidding me?I don't like any of the colors on it.If it were two different colors I'd possibly buy it,but who knows.....

8.Hot buys Heels-April 23:I love them.They are my second favorite thing out of the pack.They are HOT,HOT,HOT!!!!!

9.Hot buys Blazer-April 27:It's alright.Just like the vest,there is not much special about it and it would only work with the right outfit.

10.Hot buys Print Dress:Love the color.I cannot tell you my full opinion because I cannot fully see the print on it,the vest is covering it,but otherwise it's pretty......

Okay,there was my full review of this months hot buys.