DIY Boutique+more

Hey guys its been a loooooong time!Well of course you may have noticed the DIY Boutique.In my opinion i love it!No more buying mini-shop items to create a chic dress!

And guys i wont be posting that much anymore.I might even leave Stardoll and Blogger........but who knows i might or might not.That doesnt mean i am.And June I am counting on you to post wayy more while i am not posting much.

BTW do you like the graphic i made?Im a begginer so don't judge it.


Baileygirl1212 said...

Great job.!
To be your first try, its really good

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's well cool! Your graphic I mean! Who cares if you a beginner, I can't do half as good as that. Seriously I realy can't!

I am not the anonymous who has been bullying everyone, seriously im not