So Stardoll has a new clothing line that is for both superstars and non-superstars.In my opinion its okay.I dont care for it much but i will def. buy something.My fav. thing from Basics is the mini-skirt.Its also cheap so any Stardollian can aford it.Also the monthly sale is going on,so head on over to buy something on sale and something from Basics.(:

New Writer

Haii All,
I'm Your New Writer xBullets-Lovex.
You Might Have Heard Of Me From StardollBlog-x, But I've Decided To Write For This One Too.
I Couldn't Have Picked A Worse Time To Join This Blog, As I Am Going On Holiday On Sunday And Wont Be Back Til The 10th July.
So When I Come Back - I'll Write As Much As Possible.

A Big Thanks To ..Pretty. For Letting Me Write For Her Blog - Yayy!

Thats All,


Michael Jackson is dead!

Singer Michael Jackson was hospitalized at the Ronald Regan Memorial Hospital for reportedly not breathing because of a cardiac arrest. The doctors were giving him CPR to see if he lived but sadly he did not.And even though i was never an MJ fan i feel deeply sorry for his family,himself and especially his children.May the king of pop rest in peace.May he have the best time of his soul's life in heaven. :*l

You'll be missed by family,friends,and fans.The king of pop will never be forgotten!



Im back....i think.

Hey my lovers!I decided to come back.(:
You haters are right,I have no f-ing life!!!!
Im a sucker for Stardoll and Blogger (:
And i was absolutely shocked when i saw that my employee didn't post
NOT EVEN ONCE while i was away(for one month exactly.New record).
Well anyways who gives a @#$% about that.
I'll deal w/ that later.
Most important thing is i'm back.
And i have bigger plans.(You'll see soon)
And also...i'm hiring people
idc if you have no experience i could care less.
All i want is more juice for my blog.
So contact me if you are interested.