It's like I've been away on holiday...

But I haven't!

I am awful sorry for not writing on any of the blogs I'm meant to be writing for... you see I have been busy doing this:

XOXO Magazine...

My new magazine starring applead as my model, where most of you might know her from her new blog 'Kill the Lights' (Which I will feature later)

XOXO is a break from all the normal magazines, it has mad colours, fonts and sizes. It is more interactive with the readers and it is just plain crazy...if I say so myself.

No, I will tell you know, I am not the best graphic designer EVER...but neither am I the worst.

By clicking here, you will be sent to the blog, here you will be sent to the actual magazine page and here you will be sent to XOXO's Twitter page.


Zoe xoxo


Emily said...

Cute! I might want to check it out.

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!