Lets compare hotbuys:January

January Hot buys
Which do you like?Answer in a comment.
I personally like 2009 and some of 2007.
2008 is UGLY!No offence to people who like 2008 hot buys.


hotelparis said...

Definitely 2009. Although I like 2007 (and detest 2008) 2009 looks the most cohesive even if all the clothes look sopping wet.

Anonymous said...

2007 is by far the best.

polkaluff said...

I like 2007 - a few of 2008 - And 2009 is FANTASTIC !!
All I wish is maybe Stardoll will release some old HB'S. :] x

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you
2007 looks great
2008 looks like trash
2009 is alright until you look at each individual piece and realise I wouldn't buy any of it. ASnd it looks like it's made of wobbly jelly