Starplaza News.

Well ,I went to the Star plaza a couple of minutes ago and I saw this bag.

I don't know if it's a re-release.But i do know that I'D NEVER BUY IT.What do u think?Do you like it?


I also saw this.Which is a skirt.But not an ordinary skirt,it's the Olsen Twins Skirt!

And I don't know of much people who own this skirt.So people get buyying!And yes,right now,it's for Non-Superstars too.


Styling Studio is here!

Check it out!

It rocks,huh?Other users can actually dress you up like you can on dolls && games.I currently have not made one because I am saving up for the supposedly new LE coming out.And it really sucks that it is only for superstars.Sorry Non-superstars.If you save it it'll cost 8SD and will appear under your friend list.Great idea SD.

If you want to go to it then click here:


February Hotbuys.

Screw the last post,I cannot live without Stardoll or blogger.

Well anyways if you take a look under Hot buys (in the magazine) you'll find February hot buys.And you might have also seen them on Stardoll Fashion Forward.But i am still going to post it for people who have not yet seen them.

What do you think?My thoughts are I love them all except maybe the Hot buy boots and the Hot buy Trousers.They look like what my mother wears to the gym.I am also LOVING the hair on the doll.


New Start Page and a little note

What do you think?I love it!It's gorgeous!


Everyone STOP sending me hateful messages!I am freaking tired of this!
Get an f-ing life!
5 hateful messages in a fucking day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you know who you are!I am sooooooo tired of this!
If this fucking continues I will block all ur asses from posting comments
on this page!!!!!!!
And do me a favor and LEAVE ME ALONE!


Whats in my locked rooms?

I think of my locked rooms as storage.Yes,there is clothes in there.I keeep those clothes in there because they always are on the bottom pole of my closet.And i don't like that.So anyways here are all of the clothes i keep in there.


LE and YSL similarities?

I was surfing Elle.com and I searched for some of my fave designers clothing,YSL,and i found these babies.Yeah,Notice 'em?My assumption is that Stardoll probably got the idea of those cut out ankle boots from YSL.

Stardoll Avertising on Elle.com?

I went to Elle.com for hair tips for tommorow(first day of school after winter break)and I just happened to see this:

Stardoll on Elle.com;Wonderfulll!=)


Ladies and gentle men....

I found a websight where you can watch movies.Right now i am watching twilight.If you also want to watch Twilight,here is the link: http://www.zshare.net/video/537880814debdc44/


Hot or not?

Hey bitches!I've decided to make a new post called 'Hot or Not?'

But I don't want to hurt anyones feelings.

So i've also decided to let the readers pick!

You decide!

BTW you can volunteer or nominate someone.


What a wierdo!

What in the heck is wrong with this girl?She's probably trying to amuse herself.Well it isn't working,hun.
Check this out:

And if you can't read it ,it says:

"Look at your fat head i want to kill it i wish you were a lesbien so you would be the old one out!"

And ,girl,learn how to spell.It's Lesbian,not lesbien.Ughh,people these days!

BTW What she wrote doesn't even make sense!


Frozen Clothing is back!

Many people,in broadcasts,are always looking for Frozen clothing.Welll no need to pay lots of money anymore,cause they are in the Starplaza.


She's Done it again!

Wow!She's done it again ladies and gentlemen!With her amazing outfit!I think that it is very modern chic!What do you think?


Double/Tripple headband frenzy.

It's the frenzy that's sweeping the Stardoll nation.First it was the horse hair,then the black bow bangs,then the brownish bands!What next?Ohh and have you noticed Horse Hair,Black Bow Bangs,and Brownish Bands!

This is Ellie. On her are 4 gorgeous headbands and a beautiful hair piece.

How elegant.=)


If you go to the DKNY shop you shall see this:

I wonder what will happen.How the shop will look.


Givenchy Outfit.

I tried creating a Givenchy out fit that I absolutley loved && here it is:The items I used were:

Fallen Angel-
Ruffel Trimed Victorian Blouse $7-Superstar

Victoria Belt $3-Superstar
Jessica Pants $5-Non-Superstar

Voile Gala Gloves $3-Non-Superstar

Philosiphy Di Alberta Ferreti:
Satin Lace Up Stilleto Boots $12-Superstar


The Voile Gala Gloves and the Stilleto Boots were just some touch-ups I added.The picture didn't show and shoes so I just added it cause it matched.And the Voile Gala Gloves because it went very good with the Givenchy Inspired outfit.=)

What do you think?