New blog banner + more

Hey guys!! Long time no post!

Well anyways you may have noticed that I updated the blog banner and my banner aswell.
I gave my banner a Halloweenish feel. I made my doll a vampire. You can see her red eyes and bloody fangs and the text is kind of creepy!Hehe. Hope ya like it.
And the blog banner i gave it a kind of modern artistic feel. Do ya like it?Well maybe later in the month i will update it again and give it a Halloweenish feel like my banner!!
Now lets get to the "+ more" part. I want to share with you guys something. Im going to be a either a lady bug or a pirate for Halloween. What are you going to be? I love Halloween because you can dress up and i LOVE the candy!!I mean who doesn't like free candy.Haha :)
Well that's it....until next time!!


§Zoe§ said...

I love all of them. Great work!

Zoe xoxo

..Pretty. said...

Why thank you Zoe!! :D