Pick of the week.

Remember how I said I will add more features to the blog? Well I wasn't lying! :)
This is our new feature that will be posted weekly called Pick of the Week!

Our first pick of the week is this gorgeous[not so affordable] dress. This Shaggy Sweater Dress is from Tingeling Halloween Couture. As you can see it costs $38. It's not very affordable but it's cute, if people buy a $200 dress from LE then I'm pretty sure they'll buy this dress. I even took sometime to put some makeup to give it a more runway feel.
And in this next picture I added red accessories! Red goes great with black. Infact, my favorite colors are Blood Red and Black. On the hands, i put red gloves from Bisou called Lady Gaga Gloves. On the feet, i added Red Carpet Style high heels Inspired By Versus. The way you can find these shoes is search for red shoes.

So how do you like it?? Comment please!



Emii said...

I bought that ddress a few days ago...I should add some red to it!
Thanks for thosee tips! :]

♫ Zoe ♫ said...

Funilly enough they are my fave colours too!

I think doing this is a great idea...I'll discuss it with you but I'd like to help too!!!

Zoe xoxo