Non superstar fall outfit

So, the outfit i chose is nothing special. Just a mix of taupe and black with a burst of teal. I'm not very fond of this outfit, but hey it's the one i thought was the best. You can mix and match any of these items to your personal style. So let's take a look at the outfit.*So, i chose a taupe/sand colored shirt to pop against the dark colors of the blazer and pants, its not making much of a pop like bright colors would, but a neutral pop, and that's what i was kind of aiming for. During the summer, we would wear bright colors, where as in the fall i would say we would try aiming for deep reds, purples, teals, greys, and maybe golds.
The boots are maybe a shade darker than the loose fitting shirt, but normally i wouldn't be too matchy, the only reason i chose these were because they had studs. As i said before in my last post, i think studs look edgy but cute, not only in fall but in all seasons.
To add a burst of color, i added this teal scarf that has what may be sequins, but not alot. I think that sequins are in right now because of the holidays. Not only is it cute but warm.
You can also add a beret to keep your head warm and stylish. I would choose any color, depending on your mood, like if you want more bursts' of color or if you want to stay neutral, your choice.Now, lets take a look at the affordable prices all $6 and under!
Plush Scarf, Stardoll- $5
Boyfriend Jacket, Stardoll- $4
Tw Rip Fayefinnlucas Tee, Mortal Kiss- $6
Poppy's Chill Booties, Mortal Kiss- $5
Skinny Basic Pants, Bisou- $5
* I am not saying you have to buy any of these items nor you can't buy any. I'm just giving you suggestions. And i would wear this outfit, but it's one of those outfits i wouldn't wear alot, because of the matchy matchy colors.